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Christmas Gift Ideas For Foodies

Colourful tinsel and baubles, festive tunes filling the air, glowing lights everywhere, merrier faces walking by, and those sweet chocolates and puddings waiting to be tucked into. There is definitely a subtle hint that it’s Christmastime!

With just a few days away before that morning where we will all curl up under the tree to share our gifts, we know that quite a few of you out there have left your Christmas shopping to the last minute (don’t fret, it happens to the most organised of us!).

The good news is, we have you covered with a special gift guide based on all the treats we have stocked up here at GOPI Supermarket.

It’s food-oriented, but that’s because we love good food, and is perfect for that foodie in your life that you want to spoil. We’re sure though that there are very few people who wouldn’t want to find some tasty treats under the tree, so chances are high that they’ll be happily munching away.


Build Your Own Hamper

A hamper is a great way to customise gifts to the tastes and preferences of your family and friends. Here are some key food groups that we think hampers should have, and some fitting items we have in stock for this. We also have some great DIY hamper kits which will come in handy.



Fruits & Nuts

Herbs, Spices, Seeds, Accompaniments & Pantry Items


Homemade Treats

So much love, time, thought and patience go into homemade treats, making them special gifts for Christmas. We picked a couple of recipes which you can use to make some baked goodies, and really all that’s needed is to pop them into some jars, tie a festive ribbon around them, and pop them straight under the tree or into a hamper. You’ll find most of the ingredients listed available at our shop.

Traditional Christmas Fruitcake

(Click the Image for Recipe)

Gingerbread Men Cookies

(Click the Image for Recipe)


Gift Cards

If you’re still stuck on ideas for the perfect gift, a safe way to play it is to give gift cards; this way everyone is happy. You don’t need to stress out and your family and friends can visit our shop to pick out the food treats that they love. All you need to do is ask for the cards at our checkout counter.

If you want to see what else we have in stock for your Christmas gifts, get in touch with us for more information or better still, pop in to the shop and have a look around. We have plenty more!

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