Vanilla ice cream with fudge sauce & caramel sauce with chocolate & almonds.

Kwality Fudge Sundae - 220ml

SKU: 6131
  • Milk Solids, whey protein concentrate, vegetable fat, milk fat, liquid glucose, sugar, water, natural vanilla flavour extract. Emulsifier: Mono and diglycerides of fatty acids (E471), Stabilizers: carrageenan (E407), locust bean gum (E410),guar gum (E412), carboxymethyl cellulose gum (E466) & natural color annatto (E160b), roasted almonds. Chocolate coated rice crispies: wheat meal, rice meal, sugar, dextrose, cocoa solids, milk fat, emulsifier: soya lecithin (E322). Cream caramel ribbon: milk solids, sugar, liquid glucose, water, sodium citrate (E331), glycerol (E422), stabilizers: sodium alginate (E401), pectin (E440), carrageenan (E407), artificial vanilla flavour. Chocolate fudge sauce: sugar, liquid glucose, cocoa solids, glycerol (E422), stabilizers: sodium alginate (E401), carrageenan (E407), water & artificial vanilla flavour.

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